Luberfiner Cross Reference Application: Quick and Easy to Use

Luber-finer is one of the top manufacturers of filters for light and heavy-duty vehicles. The company, a division of Champion Laboratories, produces top of the line filtration media that meets strict OEM standards. Their company is backed by 70 years of experience in the field and continues to invent new products with higher efficiency and better reliability for the global market. Using the Luberfiner cross reference tool, you can check their wide selection of quality automotive filters for a variety of off- and on-road vehicles that can handle the toughest environments, and also read about their diverse line of automotive filtration media for light and high performance automobiles. You can easily scrutinize the diversity of Luber-finer products through their quick Luberfiner cross reference guide.

Where to find the Luberfiner Cross Reference Application

Cross referencing has been made much simpler and more convenient by Luber-finer. For instance, if a consumer wants to see what types of filtration media they have, he can just go to the company’s official website and click on the “Catalog” tab and then the “Luber-finer Catalog” link that appears under it. This will give you quick access to the comprehensive database that contains information about all of Luber-finer’s products. This application makes it easier for consumers to search for parts for Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Motorcycle, or ATV vehicles, as well as access the Luberfiner filter cross reference tool by just clicking on the “Cross Reference” tab. For example, you can use the Luberfiner cross reference oil filters application by just entering the manufacturing number. The usual data that will appear will be: part number, part type (i.e. Lube, Engine Oil Filter), manufacturer (i.e. Luber-finer, Wix), and manufacturing number.

luberfiner cross reference

The luberfiner cross reference application really makes it simple and convenient for buyers to get detailed information about automobile parts, as well as guide consumers to the nearest Luber-finer dealers or distributors. But what if you’re not home and cannot access the internet for information? Well, today, the company also offers an android phone application for quick search information for Luber-finer products that you can do on your mobile phones, giving you the convenience to seek out information speedily and even while on the go. The Luberfiner quick lookup android application can be readily downloaded from the Luber-finer site ( or from other Android app sites, such as The software is free and it’s a smartphone application that’s run by Google. With this android system, buyers and installers can easily flip through detailed information about certain automobile parts and products or check the Luberfiner cross reference whenever and wherever they need to.