Learn the Differences Between Boiler Service Types

A boiler service is quite different from boiler maintenance. A boiler service is only carried out by a registered heating engineer that will check that the heating system is properly installed in accordance to regulations, check that it works safely, and check that it works according to manufacturer’s instructions. The engineer will check and test it as defined by a set of criteria and regulations.

A homeowner will receive a guide for the service procedure that comes with the boiler and should be kept. Boilers must be in working order in order to be serviced. Servicing does not include repair or the homeowner’s gas safety check. Gas boiler service can come up a little differently because a serviceman must look at extra safety measures, such as the pilot light and worrying about the carbon monoxide released. Older boilers could require more servicing due to differences in the pump and expansion vessel and that the burner and fans would need to be dismantled to be checked.

Modern boilers don’t require dismantling parts because the flue gas analysis would suggest when there are problems. It is a good idea to employ boiler services, such as British Gas boiler service, during the summer months, because during the winter months servicemen could be busier due to more breakdowns.

Some people use oil boilers, especially where natural gas access is limited. Many companies are now offering oil blended with bio-diesel to help reduce foreign oil dependence and use a domestic energy source. Bio-diesel blends make less pollution as well. Oil boiler service is a much more complex and expensive undertaking than other boiler servicing.

There are five parts involved: the visual inspection, cleaning, adjustment and analysis of the operation, part replacement, and documentation. You should be sure to check a service contract to make sure the serviceman does all these things and check for what services and parts are covered, as you may find yourself paying for repair work and parts outside of that agreement.

Regardless of the type of boiler you use the serviceman should always be certified. Some particular boiler makers issue specific certifications regarding their equipment. Since some servicemen could lie about the certification, read up on what you should look for to get a qualified serviceman. A Gas Safe certified serviceman, for example, is issued a Gas Safe number with which you can call up the offices and check to see if he really is certified and whether or not that certification is up to date. The field of boiler maintenance has become more popular since it is quite lucrative. People who work in boiler operator jobs should be very versed in servicing your home boiler.