Keeping Cool When Its Hot with Portable Air Conditioning

Summer is on its way and it won’t be too long before the mercury is climbing into the high numbers and we are all sitting around melting in the heat of those glorious, balmy summer days. If you look forward to those days with relish, then this probably is not for you, but if you are already breaking out into a sweat at the very idea of it, then perhaps you need to turn those thoughts to a nice cool breeze blown out from a ventless portable air conditioner that you can take from room to room with you.

Its no great secret that power prices are going up and up and there is no end in sight as our natural resources dwindle and the cost of producing electricity rises. That means if you are running a whole house air conditioning system, the cost each year is going to eat an ever larger slice out of your family budget until before too long it gets too expensive to run it. Maybe that is about to happen as soon as this year and you are facing a bleak time with long periods of down time when the indoor temperatures may get unbearable. What do you do in this situation? Do you cut corners and take from other areas of your budget? Or do you turn the power sucking monster on for longer today, only to have to run it for less time tomorrow to compensate?

Well, there is an alternative that can be economical enough to allow you to stay cool while not consuming huge amounts of expensive power to do so. The new breed of ventless portable air conditioners is not only more compact than its predecessors, but it is more efficient and uses less energy to to the same job. What’s more, when compared to the power consumption of a whole house air conditioning system, it uses only a fraction of the power guzzling behemoth. The beauty of the portable unit is in its very portable nature.

You don’t really need to have the whole house kept cool, because you are not likely to be occupying every room at the same time. In fact, you only really need to cool the room you are occupying, making a portable unit the perfect alternative. When you’re done in one room, or say you are going off to bed, then you just unplug the unit and wheel it to the next room. Switch on and in no time at all, you are cool and comfortable. Make sure to maintain your unit by cleaning filters regularly. Doing so will ensure that your unit operates at top efficiency.