Island Range Hoods Make Kitchens More Functional

Installing an island can ad a lot of extra functionality to your kitchen. The most common use is to add extra cabinetry and counter space. Often you will see them equipped with butcher blocks or sinks as well. Although counter space is an added benefit and generally the most common use for a kitchen island, imagine the versatility you could have if you were to use this space for cooking. With a cooking range installed in your island, you’ll need to start thinking of island range hoods as well.

Putting your range into a new island can easily be accomplished by installing a kitchen island range hood. Doing so offers you the ability to put your range right in the center of your kitchen where it should be. One of the biggest benefits to this is that your entire surrounding counter space is left open for preparing other parts of your meal.

Unlike traditional range hoods that are usually installed beneath your existing cabinetry along the wall, island mount range hoods are designed to hover straight down from the ceiling of your kitchen allowing you to put your range any place you like, even right in the center of the room. Although many people prefer the open feeling of the added space between their counter tops and the cabinetry, you can also use this newly found space under your cabinets for space saver appliances.

It is easy to find an island mount range hood for every kitchen because they come in a large variety of designs and colors. There are also different venting methods to choose from. When a non ducted island range hood is installed, the air from your range top is processed through a filtering system and recycled back into the room. This method is great for homes that don’t have access to outside exhaust such as condos and kitchens located centrally on a lower floor in the home. You can also opt to use a fully ducted version. The ducting can either go straight up into the attic space of your home and then to an outside venting system or it can be redirected across the ceiling to a side exhaust through the kitchen wall.

Some of the more popular styles are traditional stainless steel island range hoods, but I have also seen some really beautiful custom made copper island range hoods. You can find them adorned with beautiful intricate designs and embellishments. Island range hoods also come in a couple of standard shapes. You can find them in either round or square designs to suit the decor of your kitchen.