Is The Cast Iron Fireplace Grate The Right Choice?

What should you look for in when you are in the market for a fireplace grate?  There are many factors you need to consider as you find an ideal grate.  You want something that not only looks good with your fireplace but also serves its very practical function.  You want to consider factors such as the material from which the grate is made, its size and its cost when you make your decision.

For instance, you may look into a cast iron fireplace grate.  This material has made it possible to create grates in many unique designs.  You can find basket, cradle, see-through and self-feeding designs among many others.  There are also modern designs as well as traditional designs.  You can even find grates with extra tall legs along with log rests.  Of course, an iron fireplace grate has all the durability and strength you would expect from this particular material.

Still, there are other options if you decide not to go with cast iron.  Stainless steel is usually preferred for outdoor fireplaces since this material is known for its non-corrosive qualities.  These are found in conventional shapes as well as hex shapes or round designs.  There are also steel bar grates made of either flat bar steel or diamond bar steel, which is actually a thicker and more durable kind of steel.

You should also consider the fireplace grate size as you make your decision.  In addition to the jumbo grates you can find, you may also be able to get expandable grates to make your grates as large as you need.  You may also need to look for taller grates that stand on three to four-inch legs.  You can even find mini fatwood gates that do not cost as much as other grates in case you are looking for a bargain.