The Benefits of an Ionic Air Cleaner

Many people have discovered the benefits of using ionic air cleaners to filter and purify the air in their home. Studies have proven that often the air in a home may be dirtier and unhealthier than the air outside. Even if a home is kept very clean, the air can contain a high concentration of dust, dirt, pet dander, mold and mildew, as well as other pollutants. This is because the air inside a house is basically trapped, so concentrations of these contaminants can build up over time, especially in energy-efficient homes. This is due to the fact that energy-efficient homes are sealed tight and insulated to keep air and heat from escaping. Unfortunately, this also keeps pollutants inside the home. These contaminants can aggravate a number of health conditions, such as allergies, and can even make you sick. They can also make the air in your home smell bad.

Ionic air cleaners work on the principle of generating negative ions which help to clear the air of pollutants, which are usually consist of positive ions. They are extremely quiet, and are often used close to the bed, allowing undisturbed sleep. Ionic air cleaners also make the air smell fresher and cleaner.

There are a number of different types of ionic air cleaners available, such as the Ionic Breeze air cleaner and the Ionic Pro air cleaner. These types of ionic air purifiers are safe to use, and easy to care for. They are quiet, energy efficient, and inexpensive to operate. They are also easy to maintain, and generally only require the plates or blades to be wiped clean when they become soiled with the air pollutants that they removed from the air. They do not require costly filters which need to be replaced, thus saving money. They are available in different sizes, which are designed for small to large rooms. Ionic Breeze air cleaners, as well as other types of ionic air cleaners, are generally an affordable and easy solution to keeping the air in your home fresh and clean.

Some other types of air cleaners, such as those that use HEPA filters, sometimes include an ionic air cleaner as part of their overall multi-step filtering process. Usually these are added to provide freshness to the air, while the HEPA filters do most of the work of removing the heavy contaminants. When multiple types of air filtering are combined, they can very effectively clean and freshen the air that circulates inside a home.