Invisible Heating Systems

Heating systems today come in many varieties. There are an assortment of wonderful modern radiators in all sorts of shapes and finishes which add a feature to a contemporary room. There are also some old fashioned central heating radiators which look wonderful in a room with a touch of history and tradition.

The truth is that most radiators are plain metal and pretty boring which means that we are tempted to cover them with a bespoke radiator cover to hide their ugliness. Of course, that reduces their efficiency which is not ideal when you want to get the maximum warmth possible into your room.

But that is not the only problem with standard radiators. They take up a lot of wall space too which is better used for furniture. To combat this problem, here are three heating systems to consider, if you want or need an alternative to radiators.

1. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is something that is best planned at the building stage or when you are doing major remodeling work as it involves running hot water pipes or electrical elements below your floor. It does not work well with all floors but it is the best method of heating a room with natural stone flooring such as marble tiles.

2. Warm Air Systems

Warm air systems send warm air through small vents in the wall or floor. Although they are not entirely invisible, they are much less evident in your room than radiators. They do affect the positioning of furniture however as you must not block the vents. Some find that these systems produce very dry air which affects their eyes. This can be helped by adding moisture to the air with a humidifier. Even plants can help reduce this problem, if you keep them well watered

3. Low Panel Heaters

These heaters are well disguised as they fit along the base of the wall and they may be fed by your electric system or by a hot water based system. Low panel systems may not be covered by furniture but that is not a problem if your furniture does not reach the floor. If you like the idea of low panel heaters you will also like some of the new systems being developed. These days there are also invisible heating systems which have hot pipes running inside the skirting board.