Installing Combi Boilers Makes Sense

Combi boilers are very popular in the UK, with it’s cold climate. Combi, short for Combination boilers means you do not need water tanks or cylinders because the boiler heats on demand. The unit heats the water itself meaning no need for a separate water tank. With a Combi boiler, a water heater and central heating unit is combined into one, which is one of the best benefits it carries.

Hot water is heated whenever the boiler is fired up. Hot water is not stored. The cold water is heated through a heating circuit so hot water is available as long as the boiler is operating.

With old boilers, heat and energy are wasted every time they are used. A Combi boiler doesn’t waste nearly as much heat or energy as old boilers. Users of a Combi boiler can save up to 40% off their energy bills every year.

The condensing combi boiler has become very popular in the UK with many people installing them. The most popular type of condensing boiler in the UK is the Combi. It is easier to install and saves space over a conventional heating unit. Now, regulations in areas of the UK require that a condensing boiler is installed. This will reduce pollution going into the environment as well as use less energy. There are different manufactures of boilers, one popular brand being the baxi Combi boiler.

In this economy people are looking for ways to save money and to save energy. People who live in colder climates must have capable units to keep their homes warm during winter and they have to use more energy to heat their homes because it gets so cold. Everyone who has an older unit ends up throwing away money every time their Combi boiler is fired up because it’s not efficient. A lot of energy and heat are being unnecessarily wasted.

The less energy used, the more money you save. If you have an older boiler, replacing it with a new condensing boiler with save energy and money. The investment you place in a new combi boiler will be recouped with the money you end up saving in heating costs.

Being much more efficient than old boilers, saving space, and saving money are reasons for any homeowner to look into buying a new combi boiler for hot water and staying warm.

If you choose to have a new combi boiler installed, make sure it’s installed by a Corgi engineer to make sure it is installed safely and properly.