Improve Efficiency With A Fireplace Blower

A fireplace blower can dramatically improve the efficiency of your fire. You may find that your fire is already kitted out with a fireplace blower but if not you can often fit a blower unit relatively easily.

A fireplace blower is essentially a set up that takes heat from your fire and pumps it out into the room using a fan unit. Consequently heat that might have been lost up the chimney can be extracted from the fire and distributed further into the room or throughout the house than simple radiation from the fire would allow.

Most fires, be they gas log, vent-less gas stoves or wood fires and stoves can be fitted with a blower unit to improve their efficiency. It will be necessary to have an electrical point close to the hearth or fireplace to power the fan unit and unless you are a qualified electrician you should get professional help to fit this electrical output, but fitting  fireplace blower kits is generally straightforward involving about an hour’s work on your part.

Before you buy, identify your fire from serial marks and then simply check on the net for the right kit. All kits will come with full fitting instructions.

Wood fireplace blowers are usually a simple replacement hearth grate in tubular form that conducts heat into the tubes from the lit fire. The fan unit then pushes the hot air collected in the tubes out into the room, these are often thermostatically controlled or via a fan on off switch. The same or a similar set up is often available for gas log or gas coal style fires.

For other gas stoves and fires the cast iron tubular heat collector is often placed under the base of the gas stove or fire to absorb heat from close proximity and then fanned into the room.

Fireplace blowers are widely available on the net and can cost from $100 through to $1000, if you want a quick way to improve your fires efficiency whilst reducing your fuel costs check out whether your fire can be fitted with a fireplace blower kit.