Electric versus Hot Water Hyrdronic Baseboard Heaters

If it’s economically sound for a house to utilize hydronic baseboard heaters, these are actually great at making rooms toasty and comfortably warm during cold winter months. It is called “hydronic” because here, there’s a need for a closed system of pipes to be installed around a house. These pipes will be where the water used for heating a home will pass through. There are many types of such systems – the electric hydronic baseboard heaters, hot water hydronic baseboard heaters, and also the portable electric hyrdonic baseboard heaters.

In hydronic baseboard heaters reviews, consumers often talk about the electric and hot water systems. Though both systems look the same on the outside, inside, it’s a different story. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Hot Water Baseboard Heater
– The main advantage of this system is that it is less expensive to operate than electric systems. Here, water flows through a boiler where it is heated. Water then circulates around the pipes and the hot water warms rooms through convection.
– It is quiet and provides comfortable and continuous warmth to heating zones around a house. Hence, you enjoy more even heat.
– Since it is a closed system, it will not bring in dust, pollen, and other foreign airborne elements, which is a huge plus to those with allergies.
– It’s easy to control the heat since a separate thermostat can be placed on each heating zone.

– These types are more expensive to install and maintain. The main concern of homeowners with such systems is that water lines could sustain damage, like cracks or leaks, when these freeze up if the power goes out and it’s below freezing outside. A leaking pipe system will be a great headache as this could cause a host of problems that will be very expensive to fix.

Electric Baseboard Heater
– These are easier and cheaper to install than hot water systems.
– Maintaining this system is cheap. Broken heaters can be easily changed.
– Heaters for this type of system are a lot cheaper than a new furnace.
– It also provides low and comfortable surface heat.
– This will not cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which is often caused by malfunctioning systems, since there’s no fire or flame.

– Though electric baseboard heaters are less pricey to install, these are more expensive to maintain since electric costs will be high.

Many companies claim that they offer the best hydronic baseboard heaters. However, consumers should first do comparisons between types and brands before shelling out cash on a system. Hydronic baseboard heaters prices can differ according to brand and type. Here are a few examples to give you an idea about how much these things cost:
• TPI hydronic baseboard heater – $260+
• Marley hydronic baseboard heater – $345
• Cadet – $200
• Fahrenheit electric hydronic baseboard heater – $100 – $150