Hydac Filters – Effective Filtration Media

Hydac Technology Corporation offers a diverse selection of filters that have different functions. Hydac is also known for their hydraulic filters, and these are efficient, safe and long lasting even if regularly used in extreme conditions. Hydac offers a collection of filters that are ready for use and these can be quickly delivered to homes. For those in need of custom-designed filters, Hydac can also cater to unique requests.

An air filter is very important as this protects engines from foreign articles that can speed up the deterioration of any mechanical tool. The types of filters offered by Hydac can sieve microparticles because the core of the filtration media has pleated layers which surround the supporting steel or plastic tube. The core of the filter is a very important part because this is where the actual filtration, and also dewatering, processes happen. The flow direction for Hydac filters is generally out to in.

A Hydac filter can generally withstand temperatures between -30°C to more than 100°C. For filter materials that also absorb water, these can be used in temperatures ranging between 0°C to more than 100°C. In addition, the filter elements used in Hydac filters are of top quality and are regularly monitored by the ISO.

Filter Materials
A number of materials are used for the filtration of solid particles. Examples of these are glass fiber, synthetic fiber, stainless steel wire mesh, paper (cellulose fiber), and metal fiber. The filtration rating in microns ranges between 3 and more than 20 for all types. When filtering liquid substances, such as emulsified water, the recommended Hydac filter is the Hydac-Aquamicron. This absorbs water and then forms a gelatinous substance; thereby, disallowing the extraction of fluids even when pressurized. However, this filter cannot remove water that has already been dissolved. The Aquamicron line can either be made from glass fiber with an absorber or just the super absorber.

Hydac hydraulic filters are particularly well-known to perform really well at protecting the function of costly equipment; thus, prolonging the life of a tool which also means more savings for businesses, groups or individuals. Hydac filters have high levels of particle filtration even in varied pressures or conditions. For water-absorbing filters, these are lauded for their high water retention capacity. These filters also have good flow fatigue strength, which means that these are able to function well and remain stable even when there is resistance. Many Hydac filters are also quite lightweight in design to make shipment, installations and maintenance easier.