HVAC Tips: Troubleshooting Air-Conditioning Systems

From office buildings to apartments, air-conditioning has become an important part in lowering building temperatures to comfortable levels during the summer months—and nothing could be worse than experiencing a breakdown in one of your air-conditioning units during the warmest part of the day. Here are some tips that will guide you in troubleshooting air-conditioning systems in your home or office.

Before anything else, check whether your area has a central air-conditioning system or probably a stand-alone air-conditioner. If your AC won’t start, you might need to make sure that power supply is available. Check if the outlet into which the AC unit is plugged has electrical power. A probe screwdriver can come in handy for checking an outlet for electricity. Once you’ve ruled out the possibility of having no power, then you might need to check the fuse for possible damage; however, if you do not have enough knowledge with even the basic HVAC parts of an air-conditioner, calling in a professional technician is always the smartest choice to ensure safety and avoid further damage to your air-conditioner.

Listening to the humming sound of your air-conditioner might give you some clues about your air-conditioner’s running condition. Sure, you can detect the sound of the compressor and that of the fan. If the compressor won’t start, you might need to make sure that your thermostat is set to the ideal temperature. If the ventilation in the unit is open, try to close it and check for any temperature difference.

Once you’ve exhausted all the basic steps in troubleshooting your air-conditioning system, then you can always call for professional help. In the State of Georgia, for example, any particular type of AC repair Atlanta offers is guaranteed to be done by professional HVACR (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigerating) technicians. Always check that any technician you choose has proper HVAC training. Keep in mind that with professional help, you and your air-conditioning systems are always in good hands. More details on HVAC issues can be found on the HVAC talk forum.