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HVAC talk is the leading support forum for heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts and other interested parties as well. Acquired by PENTON1, in an undisclosed acquisition contract, hvac-talk forum is posed to grow further by the years. With PENTON’s support, users can now look forward to more and more interactive support and a better business networking side to it all. Penton, with its host of offline media products and magazines, has yet another ace in his deck now, with HVAC tech talk facilitating better communication with its consumers by enabling them to interact online as well. Penton already has a reputation for their commitment to serve their customers and fulfill their strategic goals in a wide variety of ways, including offline and emedia platforms.

The HVAC talk forum is one of the leading online HVAC forums that provides support and help to the HVAC community and other interested parties over a multitude of products. It helps bridge the gap between the qualified professional and the contractor. With a specialized HVAC forum for the professionals and beginners alike so they may interact about the content of their interest whether it be the latest HVAC news or availability of HVAC parts.

The site was founded by the owner of an HVAC software company, and ever since its inception, it has grown both in size and in its sophisticated facilities. Taken care of by Buildcentral Inc. and now by Penton, HVACr talk has the resources, the users and the system to take it further.

HVAC talk as an Educational Platform

The site also has an educational platform, that trains new HVAC technicians and helps develop the skills of existing ones. It has a lot of articles, expert opinions and user support on topics of general principal to specific circuitry. Interestingly it also has a trade specific ”LOL” section that can provide an HVAC technician with a few moments of jokes that compliment his hvac training and the failures of his co workers. For someone interested in pursuing HVAC technician training, this section is worth looking at.

Some providers don’t like HVAC talk because of its ban on discussing prices and other professional formalities. But a very significant number of other users disagree, for which the living proof is the huge number of registered members (43,000) and one 104,000 unique visitors and 2,700,000 page views per month. As per Alexa and other website ranking agencies, the traffic potential has yet to be fully exploited.

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