Finding HVAC Parts for Old HVAC Units

Once your HVAC units start to age quite a bit, you will be required to find more and more parts. This can get harder and harder the older the units get. Many HVAC parts are becoming hard to find as manufacturers have gone out of business and no longer produce these parts. If you are in search of a hard-to-find part for your HVAC unit there are a couple of steps you can take to find these parts.

Searching for HVAC parts online will typically yield good results. When doing a search for an HVAC part, you should be as specific as possible. Always use the name of the manufacturer in the search such as “Carrier HVAC parts”, “Trane HVAC parts” or “American HVAC parts”. Of course you will want to also include the name of the part such as furnace filters, furnace blower etc.. There are many different websites which carry hard to find HVAC parts. The rarer the part the more you will likely have to pay. This is simple supply and demand and if you need the part there is really nothing you can do about exorbitant prices. A good place to ask about hard to find parts is on the HVAC talk forum which is frequented by HVAC experts.

If you have no luck with online searches or you are not comfortable on the Internet then you can still have good luck finding your part. This will require a few phone calls on your part. Many local HVAC companies have warehouses in which they keep their parts. Often times they may have parts which may be sitting on a shelf for decades and forgot about. Many of these companies do not have sophisticated inventory computer systems, but they do have many longtime technicians which may remember seeing a part lying around somewhere. This may take several calls to many companies but it can often yield good results.

If you cannot find your part or it is becoming increasingly common trying to find the parts for your HVAC unit it may be time to upgrade. You may end up saving more money by installing a new energy-efficient unit than trying to keep your old unit running. When the time comes to upgrade be sure to select a strong company like HVAC Kings, to ensure you get quality service at affordable rates.