Humidifier Filters and Other Humidifier Features

While the filter is the part of the humidifier that probably gets the most attention, it is only one of many features that you should take into consideration when shopping for a humidifier. Even the best humidifier filters will not make up for something that lacks in other areas. A humidifier filter is an integral part of your system but there are other parts as well. Here is a quick rundown of 4 features that should greatly improve the experience and enjoyment of owning and operating a humidifier.

The first thing you want is a humidity meter. This is not at all an advanced feature but the most basic models do not always offer this feature. It makes using the humidifier more hands free by allowing the user to preset a desired humidity level at which point the unit turns off to prevent over humidification.

The next important feature is not as apparent upfront and will require a little investigation. This is the ease of use of the design and will be the difference between long term gratification from your product or just owning another item to store away forever in your closet. Humidifier filter cleaning should be made as easy as possible or most people will just go out and buy another one next season.

Noise considerations are also important when shopping for a humidifier. This is especially true of people who do not like background noise or intend to use their unit at night. Most brands have significantly improved their products in this regard so this shouldn’t be too hard unless you are particularly picky.

A lower water indicator light is useful since it alerts the owner of low water levels. It is a waste of energy to run a humidifier without any water. Some units come with an auto shut off feature that turns off the unit automatically when there is no water in the tank.

Those are the most important features that should make it that much easier to operate your humidifier. It is usually a good idea to avoid hybrid models that offer functions such as dehumidification or air purification as they tend to be of subpar quality compared to dedicated units. Of course that is personal opinion and you are free to make your own decision.