How to Cut Energy Bills and Save

Many of us will have recently enjoyed the pleasure of the snow with children frolicking as schools close for the day, families having fun making snowmen and young  couples throwing snowballs at each other. However, as the temperature plummets, the central heating gets notched up and those energy bills continue to rise; something that many homeowners are struggling with at the moment. Many homeowners are therefore trying to figure out how to cut energy bills.

how to cut energy billsYou constantly hear reports on the news of the big energy firms increasing their prices. Due to this, many people are becoming savvy and looking at ways that they can decrease their energy usage, therefore lowering their bills. If you want to join this group of clever consumers, continue reading to learn some easy ways that you can lower your energy usage, and more importantly save money on your bills.

Who Turned Out The Lights?

It may be something that you were fed up of hearing your parents shout at you for, but turning off the lights when you’re not using them will instantly help lower your energy bills. It’s simple and something that you can do easily. Additionally, why not use alternative lighting methods such as candles or LED lighting? Not only are they cheaper but you can create a loving and romantic atmosphere; perfect for snuggling up to watch a film.

Once the film has ended, how many of us leave our television on standby? It’s something many won’t even think about but whilst tucked up and fast asleep, your electrical appliances will continue to use your energy supply. Although only a minimal amount, these costs will mount up over the course of a year and a study has shown that if you left all of your regular appliances on standby overnight, you will add approximately £76 a year to your bill.

Turn It Down

Many of us will have been wrapping up and doing all we can to keep warm in the cold weather that we have recently endured and it may have meant hiking up the temperature on our central heating. Generally it turns colder overnight, and this is the time that you will probably have the heating blasting out warmth, but why not consider turning the temperature on your thermostat down by a few degrees? After all, you’ll be kept warm by the comfort of your duvet all night, so won’t reap the benefits of your scorching radiators anyway.

We’re all guilty of wasting energy and one way that many of us throw money down the drain is by boiling more water than we need. When you’re making your favourite hot drink, be careful with how much water you put in the kettle. It’s easy to work out how much water you will need and by being vigilant of your usage, you will instantly start to decrease those bills.

Solar Energy

Something that is becoming more popular across the country is the installation of solar panels. You’ll undoubtedly have spotted them on the roofs of many houses and they are the ultimate tool in saving you money. So we don’t live in the sunniest of climates, but the benefit of solar panels is that they don’t work on heat! They run from light and although there is less light in the winter, there will still be enough to power your panels.

Not only will you save money with solar panels by creating your own energy, you may begin to earn from them too as there are incentives in place that enable you to reap the financial rewards for any energy that you create but don’t use.

By following these tips you’ll begin your journey to lowering those ever rising energy bills.  So say goodbye to fuel poverty and hello to a greener, more efficient life.

About the author

This article was written by Sally Powell on behalf of SolarTech Ltd; specialist providers of solar panels, helping you to live a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.