How Efficient Are Fire Place Inserts and Performance of a Wood Stove for a Modern Home

A wood burning fireplace will only provide maximum heat if fuel is constantly added to it. It will also emit air pollution in the form of smoke containing nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other particulates. But if you utilize a fireplace insert or wood stove, the performance of a traditional fireplace can be improved and will also provide you with a special ambiance in your home.

Wood stoves are typically free standing models. They are built atop a hearth for better heat transfer and safety. Fire place inserts are a special type of wood stove that goes inside your existing fireplace. You fill the space completely with the insert and it is converted into a traditional wood burning fireplace, which works very efficiently.

Inserts and a wood burning stoves have been criticized for their inefficiency in terms of waste products and heating. Today modern technology is designing new models that eliminate these issues. The insert burns the wood at a much hotter temperature than in a basic fireplace. This enables more complete combustion of fuel and gases and cuts back on the emissions from your chimney.

Many of the newest fireplace inserts and stoves distribute heat throughout a space better than before, with the help of the air circulation systems and integrated blowers. A modern stove or a wood fireplace insert can heat the entire home comfortably.

Wood stoves in Edinburgh, instead of just burning logs, use inserts such as pellet, they use fuel pallets which are often made from organic waste, compressed sawdust, wood chips and bark to produce heat.

Today’s heat producing systems offer efficiency as well as renewable fuel source, Pellet stoves can be used as a standby or inserted into the fireplace. It is very important to decide whether you want to take advantage of the green nature of pellet fuel before you purchase a stove or an insert.