Holmes Air Purifiers Improve Air Quality

Holmes air purifiers can be used to vastly improve the quality of the air within your home. Many people do not realize just how dirty the air can be in a house. Studies show that the that circulates in your home can actually be  more polluted and also contaminated than outdoor air. Airborne pollutants can get trapped within the home, and high concentrations of contaminants such as dust, pet dander, pollen and mold can accumulate. These pollutants can make breathing difficult, aggravate allergies, cause illnesses, and generally make the air inside your home smell bad or stale.

There are many different types of air purifiers that you can get for your home. Holmes HEPA air purifiers are often a very popular choice with homeowners. Holmes produces high quality air purifiers that are designed to suit the needs of homeowners. These air purifiers are sold in different sizes and styles, and can provide you with the ability to remove up to 99.97% of the airborne pollutants in your home, while making the air smell fresher and cleaner.

Since a Homes air purifier comes in different types, it can be difficult deciding which you should purchase. When you compare Holmes air purifiers reviews, you might notice that there are air purifiers that include what is referred to as a “true” HEPA filter, and also those which are called “HEPA-type” filters. Both of these types are effective air purifiers, but a true HEPA filter has the ability to remove more air pollutants than a HEPA-type filter. As a rule, a true HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of the airborne pollutants, while a HEPA-type filter removes up to about 99% of the pollutants.

Holmes air purifiers is available in different sizes, and it is important to match the size of the room to an appropriately sized air purifier, to get the most effective results. There are also various speed settings for the air purifier, as well as the ability to schedule when it is in operation.

Maintenance and cleaning is generally easy, and involves keeping the air intakes and any pre-filters clean. Models that utilize a HEPA filter generally include a filter monitor alert system, which is a helpful method of letting you know when the HEPA filter needs cleaned or changed. In order for an air purifier to continue working effectively, filters for Holmes air purifiers must be checked regularly and changed or washed when needed to ensure maximum efficiency of the home purifier unit in the same way that you would check and clean your washable furnace filters or air conditioner filters.