Health Myths And The Blueair Air Purifier

Myth number 1

Claims have been made that if your home is carpeted you should remove the carpeting completely for the sake of your health. This resolution has been considered especially effective for people suffering from allergies and asthma. This theory however is up for much debate. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, there is a much simpler method than remodeling parts of your home and removing your carpet. If you use a Blueair air purifier there is no need to remove your carpeting at all. The Blueair 501 air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 620 square feet. It makes very little noise and is energy efficient as well. The sleek design means it will take up a minimum of space in a room.

Myth number 2

It has now been recently discovered that air born particles are distributed more often from a hard floor surface such as hardwood than from a carpeted floor. We are told that the best way to eliminate this problem is by constant dusting and moping. We are also told to keep the doors closed and live in a sanitized area to keep dust and unhealthy particles at bay. Although this method would be very effective, who wants to seclude themselves from the rest of humanity and spend all their free time cleaning and hiding from microscopic particles? An easier and much more reasonable solution is to make good use of an air cleaning system like the Blueair 402 air purifier which is suitable for any room in your home up to 365 square feet.

Myth number 3

It is often believed that people with allergies to animal dander shouldn’t have pets. It has been said that some allergic reactions don’t show up until later in life. This can create quite a problem for you if you already have a favorite pet and only later start to suffer from an allergic reaction to your pet. It can be especially difficult for you if your pet has been a loving member of your family for any good length of time. The simple fact is that most pets tend to personify themselves to us and we regard them as part of our family unit (especially the cute furry ones). You can avoid getting rid of your pet and instead put a Blueair 601 air purifier in your home to eliminate the discomfort caused by dust and dander. This model purifier is especially suited for large rooms like your living room or kitchen. It works well in rooms up to 679 square feet making it one of the Blueair filters with the largest room capacity.

So what have we learned about these myths? We have discovered that these are very real problems indeed. Everyday people have to deal with the discomfort and health risks involved with having a home filled with dirty air. We have also learned that the myths begin with the suggested remedies. There is a better alternative and it doesn’t involve costly home remodeling or getting rid of man’s best friend. The easier solution is Blueair air purifiers.