Hayward Pool Filters – Cleaning Tips

Filters play a major role in pool maintenance. Dirt, small or big, and other types of contaminants are efficiently sieved by Hayward pool filters. Hayward offers a line of dependable and energy-saving filtration tools that will definitely be beneficial to homes with pools. The company offers three kinds of filters, and these are: cartridge filter, D.E. filters, and sand filters.

So, here are some tips on cleaning Hayward pool filters. To begin, the pool pump should be turned off. What you should do first is make sure that the pool circuit breaker is off, and then go to the pump which is nearby the pool. Lift the lid above the pump and turn this off too. How you proceed after this depends on which type of Hayward filter you have.

The D.E. filters and sand filters need to be backwashed. Backwashing involves reversing the flow of water to take out the dirt and fragments that may have been caught on the filters. To reverse the water movement on the D.E. filter, check the valve selections and choose the “backwash” option to do this action. Then, adjust the valve to “rinse” which should last no longer than 60 seconds. The process of backwashing and rinsing the D.E. filter should be done about 3 times.

The sand filter is fairly simple to clean. For the sand filter, there’s a handle that you have to pull up so that backwash water will flow through. Once you notice that the water is clear, push the handle down.

With the Hayward pool filters cartridge, you won’t have to backwash this. However, you’ll need to remove the cartridge and wash it. It’s best to use a pressurized nozzle to ensure that most of the dirt and debris will be taken away. Replace the filter after washing.

Apart from cleaning, another element of pool maintenance is ensuring that all Hayward pool filter parts are working efficiently. You can have a maintenance technician do this and have him check if there are parts that need to be replaced. You can readily find replacement items for Hayward pool filters and pumps on the brand’s official website. Because maintenance and pool repair can be quite costly, it’s best to ensure that pool filters have warranties. Warranty registration with Hayward is very easy. There’s an online form that you can fill out. Just prepare the following data: product purchase information, product type, date purchased, model number, and serial number.