Hamworthy Boilers: The New Fleet Boiler Range

Hamworthy’s newest line of condensing boilers is the Fleet boiler range. It is made in Britain, with a principal manufacturing plant in Poole.

The recently launched Fleet boilers are versions that can be hung on walls, with options of horizontal or vertical floor standing. The line includes many variations with outputs ranging between 40 and up to 1050 kW. These Hamworthy boilers have heat exchangers of aluminum alloy casting with exchangers having 3 and 5 sections that aid in boosting efficiency and condensing capabilities. All models in the Fleet range possess the same kind of heat exchanger. These boilers can also function properly even with working pressures reaching about six (6) bar – evidence that these boilers are made to last.

The Fleet range is truly versatile as boilers can also be linked to each other in order to increase outputs. Connecting the boilers will also aid in close load matching. These also have high efficiency condensing capabilities, specifically 80/60°C circuits, and there’s also the 50/30°C. Efficiency rating is 109% and these are known for being eco-friendly equipment. The Fleet line’s environmental credentials include very low emissions of NOx levels.

The range comes with a 5 year warranty and comprehensive after sales care. The company will aid buyers during purchase, installation, maintenance, and also troubleshooting.

Here are the three models of Hamworthy’s innovative Fleet line:
Fleet Wall Hung
• 8 models with compact design
• Outputs from 40 kW to 150 kW
• Tested Siemens control system
• Comes with frame sets, as well as pipe work kits underneath the boiler
• Adaptable flue systems – concentric or twin duct options
• Can be linked with other boilers because this model has an open flue header system

Fleet Horizontal Floor Standing
• 13 models available
• Outputs from 40 kW to 350 kW
• Tested Siemens control system
• Comes with pipe kits
• Flue options – open or room sealed; or concentric
• Modular flue header system – for ease of installation

Fleet Vertical Floor Standing
• 26 models to choose from
• Outputs from 80 kW to 1050 kW – highest output available today
• Tested Siemens control system
• Comes with pipe kits
• Open flue applications – aid in simplifying installation

The innovative sectional heat exchangers of the Fleet line allow these compact models to deliver the highest outputs today. These models take more or less about one square meter of space, but outputs range between 40 kW to 1050 kW. Moreover, the Fleet range possesses similar components so this makes maintenance and servicing fairly simple because spare parts will readily be on hand.