Halogen Heaters – What You Need to Know

Halogen heaters are transportable, lightweight heating devices that are great for providing instant warmth in a small, enclosed area. The heat is provided by halogen elements as opposed to electrical coils or butane/propane conductors. There are different types of halogen heater for different environments, both indoors and outdoors.

An oscillating halogen heater ensures that heat is distributed around a room, using a similar mechanism as a desktop fan. As air is circulated through the heater, it is heated then discharged in a wide circle (rather than a straight line) into the room. For greater heating efficiency and speed, an oscillating heater is a wise choice. Go for a model that has different push button options for levels of head and speed of oscillation.

A halogen patio heater may be floor-standing, wall-mounted, table top or designed to fit under a patio umbrella. They are a great way to give you instant heat in your garden or outside space, so that you can enjoy socializing outdoors at all times of the year. Nowadays most patio heaters look attractive and available in different finished so that you can coordinate with your garden furniture. Some heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them extremely versatile. A halogen patio heater that runs on the regular household electric current will be cheaper to run than one which uses propane conductors. When choosing your patio heater, make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand wind.

Halogen heaters make a reasonably priced heating option; although they may be more expensive than certain portable electric heater, they tend to be more durable and long lasting, so you end up with far better value for your money. Additionally, recent research has suggested that they are more efficient, making them a good energy-saving choice.

You can purchase halogen electric heaters from many manufacturers at a wide range of prices. Before buying your heater, it is worthwhile shopping around to find the best price. Visit your local home improvement store or garden center and see what they have to offer. The internet is a great place to start as most retailers now have an online store and they are competing for your business with special offers and all year round sales.

As a general guide, for your indoor halogen heater you can expect to pay anything from $10 for a very small, basic model up to $200; your outdoor model will be substantially more expensive – in the region of $100 to $300. Second hand halogen heaters are available at discounted rates, but make sure you are happy that the heater is in good working order before you part with your cash!