Customer Feedback about Grant Boilers

For 35 years, Grant has been designing, making, and distributing heating equipment. The company is focused on providing high efficiency, eco-friendly, and hi-tech devices that are uncomplicated to install and maintain. The brand offers a number of boiler models, such as the Grant Vortex Pro boilers and the Grant Vortex Eco boilers. Still, since there are so many reputable brands also offering diverse collections of high efficiency heating products, consumers must be wary before shelling out hard-earned cash on a boiler. It will help if testimonials or consumer reviews about products are read because these contain useful information based on people’s experiences about certain items.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Grant Vortex Combi. This has an 89.5% to 91.6% efficiency, with three models offering outputs of 21kW, 26kW, and 36kW. Fuel savings can be up to 30% if the Grant Vortex Combi is installed as a replacement boiler. It has an internal condensate trap and an electronic thermostat. Plus, it’s said to be simple to install and maintain. So, all in all, it seems like a very reliable boiler. However, there have been several concerns regarding the performance of this Grant boiler. The boiler’s reliability has been questioned since many consumers have been experiencing problems with how the device is functioning. One of the concerns of clients who have bought the unit is that it will work one day and fail to function the next day. So, they have to be without hot water and heating, which is a great inconvenience during cold months. Other homeowners have complained about leaks, pump failures, and electronic controls that fail to function. But others have nothing but praise for Grant boilers. They state that these boilers are highly efficient, in terms of fuel consumption. Some even say that their oil consumption has decreased more than 25% with a Grant boiler. These are also quiet and efficient, and also fairly easy to install. So, a lot of people are also more than satisfied with Grant boilers.

When it comes to heating equipment, the same product may work perfectly in one place but may perform badly in others. There are a number of elements that do affect how devices function. One is installation. A gas boiler that is improperly installed or an installer who damaged some parts while setting up the device can cause problems with how this will function. Environmental conditions also have some effects on the performance of boilers. For instance, condensing fumes might freeze up because of very low temperatures; thus, preventing a boiler from functioning. This can be a problem not only for Grant boilers, but for other boilers as well.