Goodman Furnace Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages of Goodman Units

Heating devices, such as furnaces, are really large investments. Because of this, we want something that’s worth every penny, in terms of performance and durability. There are many furnace suppliers out there, and one of which is Goodman. They have a range of residential and commercial products which are designed to be more energy efficient, as well as safe for the environment.

Though Goodman is a trusted manufacturer of furnaces, it cannot be avoided that there will either be positive or negative Goodman furnace reviews. Here are some of the less than glowing comments about Goodman furnaces.
Goodman Furnace – Disadvantages
• Unit has igniter problems.
Some consumers have complained that their Goodman igniters just died and they have been constantly taking care of repairs.
• Unit will not shut off.
A Goodman unit owner complained about how his unit will not shut off. It only shutdown when he turned off the main power switch.
• Unit often breaks down.
There have been problems with the circuit board, inducer motor, limit/pressure switch, flame sensor, and gas valve. A number of buyers have mentioned these Goodman furnace problems. Parts keep breaking down and they had to have their units fixed or replaced. This is really a disadvantage because if you can’t rely on a system to provide you with enough heat during the long cold months, you and your family will definitely suffer the uncomfortable chills of winter. Moreover, warranties aren’t enough. Though some spare parts will be free if the product is still under warranty, most homeowners will still have to should labor costs.
• Unit heat exchangers are faulty.
Many individuals have voiced out that their Goodman units often had heat exchanger problems. This is a very serious concern as the heat exchanger is the heart of the device, so to speak. Hence, it is also one of the most expensive parts to replace. Instead of replacing faulty heat exchangers, many buyers have opted to purchase new units.

However, there are two sides of the same coin. There have also been good Goodman reviews.
Goodman Furnace – Advantages
• Unit only has few repairs.
Clients find Goodman units to be pretty reliable with little to no breakdowns, and very generous warranties. Also, because Goodman furnace prices are quite affordable, a lot of people prefer this reliable and durable brand.
• Unit is energy efficient.
Many buyers agree that Goodman systems are very energy efficient, with most models working at more than 88% efficiency. Some have even claimed that their gas bills went down more than 50%.
• Unit is recommended by many HVAC technicians.
A number of HVAC technicians who’ve had decades of experience installing heating systems state that Goodman units are excellent equipment. Several have also mentioned that they rarely get called out to service Goodman units, which is why many of them install the same brand in their households.
• Unit comes with simple and easy to understand manual.
If a product is used incorrectly, this will hasten the wear and tear of its parts. The good thing about purchasing Goodman units is that each one comes with a simple and very understandable instruction manual that each buyer should first read before turning on his heating system.