Goodman Furnace Parts and Price Estimates

Founded only in 1982, Goodman has established an impressive reputation as one of the world’s most reliable suppliers of heating and cooling systems. When it comes to gas furnaces, Goodman offers Goodman furnace parts and about 11 highly efficient gas furnace models, with the GMVC95 range as the most energy efficient line to date. Here, the line’s four models function at a remarkable 95% AFUE, with BTUs ranging between 45,000 and 115,000. Below is a price list that you can refer to. But remember that when getting estimates including installation charges, it’s best to get at least 3 quotes from 3 different installation companies.

Price Estimate including Installation
GMVC950453 $1,250 $3,020
GMVC950704 $1,290 $3,065
GMVC950905 $1,500 $3,580
GMVC951155 $1,650 $3,750

Though most HVAC equipment or systems are supposedly built to last, it cannot be avoided that these machines will deteriorate over time. In many instances, certain parts, particularly the most overused components, will breakdown. This signifies that it’s time to either replace the faulty part or buy a new system. A new system can be very pricey, so it’s a good idea to have your unit assessed first to see if replacing the defective part can salvage the whole system. If you’re looking for a Goodman furnace parts list, you’ll find many online shops that specifically provide parts for HVAC systems. You can begin by searching for the model number or the Goodman furnace part number. Here are some price estimates to give you an idea on how much Goodman furnace parts cost.

Goodman Compressor Motor $450 – $2,000+ (for the 5-ton compressor motor)
Goodman Primary Heat Exchanger $550 – $675+
Goodman Condenser Motor $420 – $520
Goodman Control Board $570 – $590

Compared with Carrier, Goodman parts are fairly lower priced. For instance, a Carrier Reman Compressor is noticeably much more expensive than Goodman with prices ranging between $3,700 and $14,000. Still, consumers must remember that these quotes vary due to materials used or depending on an item’s load or performance. For instance, a compressor motor for a 5-ton unit will definitely be more expensive than a 2-ton air conditioner.

Other important aspects when talking about furnaces are installation and availability of parts. New parts should be installed exactly according to what’s directed on the Goodman furnace parts manual or have a skilled installer replace the faulty elements for you. As regards availability, most Goodman furnace parts are available online, via their official website or through other reliable and certified online merchants. Just make sure that part or model number is ready to make searching for your item faster.