Types of Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

Fujitsu General is one of the leading providers of air conditioning systems worldwide. Fujitsu air conditioning systems even enjoy being the number one brand in Australia, with their slogan bearing the recognition as “Australia’s Favourite Air.” There is a diverse array of Fujitsu air conditioning units such as: wall mounted, multi type system, Nocria ceiling wall, ceiling/floor console, and cassette.

Wall Mounted
These models can be readily mounted on walls and are suitable for single rooms. This type is effortless to install and has a washable panel filter. The design is compact, making it very simple to integrate with a room’s design. The most significant element of the Fujitsu wall mounted system is the smart inverter. This allows an air conditioning unit to work very efficiently, and Fujitsu air conditioning reviews even say that savings can be up to 30% compared to typical units. Because of the inverter, these units are also able to better handle extreme temperatures and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Multi Type System
This is also known as the Multi Split System wherein one outdoor unit can power up to 4 indoor units all at the same time. However, people will still be able to enjoy huge savings because these units work very efficiently and this is largely due to the system’s DC twin rotary compressor. It helps achieve and maintain desired room temperatures speedily without using up much energy.

Nocria Ceiling Wall
These types can be positioned just 44mm from the ceiling making them fairly invisible so these won’t get in the way of interior decoration. Air direction swing louvers are designed to move up and down and from left to write; hence, the Nocria system is able to encourage better air flow. Its filter system is self cleaning, and it also has a UV filter that removes air pollutants.

Ceiling/Wall Console
These units are lightweight and are built for either ceiling or wall mounting. These models have inverter systems, and this means that these are technologically advanced equipment that works quickly and efficiently. Such devices can cool a room immediately and maintain a certain temperature while still being very energy efficient.

The cassette is often mounted on ceilings. The design is very discreet with only the grill showing. The grill may have 2, 3, or 4 sides open where cool air will pass through, and these could have flaps as well so that air can be readily directed. It has a weekly timer and remote control that allow people to pre-program the device so that it will only turn on when needed.

Fujitsu air conditioning units are truly top of the line and highly efficient. Information on the site can help you decide on which type to purchase, and there are also information and tips regarding Fujitsu air conditioning parts.