Freezing Home Insurance

Has your home only barely made it through the winter? If the cracks are starting to appear, quite literally in some cases then you need to take a look at this infographic to start improving your homes resistance to the cold in time for next winter.

When temperatures go below zero degrees, the first things that usually go are pipes and your boiler, this is why the AA see a 24 per cent increase in call outs. So first it is best to get your pipes wrapped up with insulation and have your boiler serviced.

For next year, you can now start on the bigger projects. This can be getting your roof checked and repaired, installing loft or cavity wall insulation.

If disaster does strike in the form of a burst pipe then there are some tips below in how to resolve the situation and hopefully reduce the chance of having to claim on your house insurance.

Infographic courtesy of Money

Freezing Home Insurance