Should You Buy Fram Oil Filters?

In a number of Fram oil filters review forums, consumers who have tried the Fram oil filter have a lot of things to say about the product. Some of which are good, while others are not so good.

Perceived Shortcomings of the Fram Oil Filter
Some individuals who have been using Fram oil filters for motorcycles, cars and other heavy vehicles have opened up these filters to personally see what’s inside the product, hoping to get a better understanding on how this type of filter works. There have been talks that the Fram filter is poorly constructed. Some say it’s just made of paper and caps, with the paper filter being very loosely attached to its metal cylinder. The filter itself was found to be very thin. So, many consumers are concerned about the efficiency and performance of the main filtering medium. It has even been mentioned that the Fram filter stops filtering at about 3000 miles. The can of the Fram filter is also quite thin and easily bent by hand. Some have also discovered that the end cap is made of supposedly fragile cardboard that gets soaked through. For this reason, there have been buyers who have expressed their concern about the drenched cardboard getting too soft and thus entering the engine system. Therefore, a lot of consumers are really questioning the protection that Fram filters offer.

Perceived Benefits of the Fram Oil Filter
Though there have been a lot of negative speculations about the Fram oil filters, there have also been good reviews. Many buyers who have tried the Fram filters state that though these items are not so superiorly constructed with fairly cheaper interior materials, the Fram still works pretty well. It’s not just paper and can. The paper used in many Fram filters is cellulose and some are made of glass fiber. These are reportedly good filtering media with about 95% efficiency in trapping foreign or dust particles. There is also no actual evidence that the Fram filter stops working at 3000 miles. However, many consumers have stated that Fram filters should be changed more often than other brands, like Wix and K&N. As for the can, though it is supposedly thin, many believe that this doesn’t really matter because the filter is located inside an engine where it will not get punctured easily. Many find that certain Fram filter types are really good buys, such as the Fram PH8170 which can be used with Briggs and Stratton machines.

If you want to check the specifications of these filters, you can readily do so by using online Fram oil filters cross reference which will provide you with information regarding what types of filters have the same level of output as Fram. Check out the Fram oil filters application guide, as well as the Fram oil filters chart, for more comprehensive information regarding this brand.