Fleetguard Cross Reference: Consumer Assessments of Fleetguard Filters

The Fleetguard brand is under the globally recognized Cummins Filtration Company that has been providing filtration and exhaust merchandise around the world. They are also known for the variety of products they provide for air, cooling, fuel, hydraulic, lube and transmission systems, including crankcase ventilation and diesel emission fluids. Cummins Filtration Company prides itself of being a top innovator that continues to perfect their product line. So, here’s a look at the newest filtration media as of May 2011, with Fleetguard cross reference information about certain items.

Fleetguard cross reference on Fleetguard Air Filters

The newest kinds of air filters from Cummings can be utilized by light vehicles (AF26501), DAF trucks (AF27712), and John Deere tractors (AF55728). They also have new fuel filters for Hyundai, Volvo and Yanmar engines (FF166), Liebherr and Deutz engines (FF5785), as well as Caterpillar and Scrapers engines (FF5789). The company also provides the latest hydraulic filters for John Deere tractors (HF35484, HF35474) and lube filter for Hitachi, Isuzu and JCB (LF16045).

Most consumers prefer the brand over others. But there are also some who feel less than satisfied with Fleetguard filters. Here are some points to consider:
• Fleetguard filters are excellent quality filtration media.
By using a Fleetguard filters cross reference guide, people will find filters that are superior in quality. However, most of these do get dirty easily. Yet a lot of consumers feel that the better the filtering device, the faster it will become dirty as more dirt and airborne elements get trapped on the filters.

• Fleetguard filters get clogged quickly.
Filters get clogged because these trap various types of dry and even wet or oily elements. No matter how much you pleat a filter, it will still get clogged if foreign elements build up on the surface. According to a Fleetguard filter cross reference result, Fleetguard filters have more surface area, but we also need to ensure that the filters we have are maintained well to prevent faster wear and tear of both the filtration device and engines. Some people forget about filter maintenance. What you can do is have your filters cleaned or checked when you also have your oil changed.

• Fleetguard filters can go for 15,000 miles.
Some claim that they can run their filters to up to 15,000 miles, while some refuse to run filters more than 10,000 miles. You aren’t required to have your filters cleaned or maintained every so often. However, in order to optimize function and reduce engine deterioration, some filter manufactures, such as K&N (regarding their air filters) suggest that filters be inspected every 25,000 miles. You can opt to have your filters checked every 50,000 miles, with larger filters requiring maintenance every 100,000 miles, if you only use your vehicle on normal paved roads. For those who often use their vehicles on off-road and very dusty paths, it’s better to schedule a regular inspection and you can better assess this using Fleetguard filter cross reference information which will provide you with data on how your filter will perform.