Choosing to Install an Electrostatic Furnace Filter

Instead of using disposable fiberglass furnace filters, a better choice is an electrostatic furnace filter. By using electrostatic furnace filters, you will not only be breathing cleaner air, but you will also be helping to cut down on landfill waste. Because cheap fiberglass filters need to be changed every month, the amount of throw-away filters used every year can really add up. If you use an electrostatic furnace filter instead, you only need to purchase one permanent filter, which you can then clean every month and replace.

One of the problems with disposable furnace filters is that they are only able to remove large particles of airborne debris from the air. In fact, this type of filter is not even designed specifically to clean the air you breathe, since their primary purpose is protecting your heating equipment. If you are using disposable filters, only 10% to 40% of the airborne debris is being trapped and removed from the air. This is because a good majority of the airborne particles are too small to be caught by a standard fiberglass furnace filter.

By comparison, an electrostatic furnace air filter is able to remove around 88% of this debris. By removing more debris, an electrostatic furnace filter will remove not only dust and debris, but also will also remove pollen and pet dander, as well as help control bacteria, mold and viruses. There are of course a wide variety of electrostatic furnace air filters on the market, which vary in regards to their effectiveness as well as cost. Many of the top brands of electrostatic filters, such as a Honeywell electrostatic Furnace filter, can dramatically improve the air within your home.

Electrostatic furnace filters rely on static electricity to clean the air. This static charge attracts airborne particles when the air passes through the filter. Instead of throwing a disposable filter away, you remove the filter and clean it. This will save money each month on filter purchases, as well as eliminate the need for other types of air cleaners within your home. You need to remove the washable electrostatic furnace filters once a month for cleaning, as it will not be able to effectively do its job if it becomes too dirty. Honeywell furnace filters are a quality and reliable brand.

Electrostatic furnace filters do cost more than throw-away types of furnace filters and also more than electronic furnace filters. However, after adding up the monthly cost savings from not needing to purchase a new filter every month, plus the advantages of cleaner air within the home, most people who switch to an electrostatic furnace filter feel they are well worth the initial financial investment.