How an Electrostatic Furnace Filter Works

There are many advantages to an electrostatic furnace filter. Not only do they keep the air in your home clean, but also they are also environmentally friendly. Because these filters are permanent, and not throwaway, you will not need to keep purchasing fiberglass furnace filters every month, and instead you will simply wash and replace the electrostatic furnace filter.

Electrostatic furnace air filters are becoming a more popular filter choice, especially when there is a desire to achieve cleaner air within the home. Many homeowners who have previously used panel or frame type air filters with their heating and cooling systems are choosing to switch to an electrostatic furnace filter. These types of filters are very efficient at removing dust and other airborne particles from the air within the home.

Electrostatic furnace filters work by creating a static charge, which attracts dust particles as air passes through the filter. Traditional furnace filters are able to trap larger airborne particles, such as dust, but smaller particles are able to pass through the filter. Unfortunately, most particles within the home are small enough to pass through these traditional types of furnace filters. In fact, the traditional fiberglass furnace filter is usually only remove about 10% to 40% of the particles in the air. They are actually designed to protect your furnace, and not to protect the air you breathe.

An electrostatic furnace air filter is able to remove much smaller particles, which keeps the air in the home much cleaner. Airborne particles become attracted and trapped until the filter is washed. While the quality of electrostatic furnace filters varies by brand, on the average an electrostatic filter can remove almost 90% of the particles in the air. Of course, the better brands produce the best results. For example, a Honeywell furnace filters can dramatically reduce the amount of dust and pollen that exists in the air within the home.

Maintenance is easy with an electrostatic furnace filter, since you only need to wash it about once a month. Because these furnace filters can be washed, you will not need to purchase and replace disposable furnace filters every month. Not only does this save money, but it also saves on waste. Since disposable fiberglass furnace filters should be replaced every month, the number of filters you need to buy over time can really add up. Although an electrostatic furnace air filter is a more expensive initial purchase than throwaway filters, it will save you money over time.