Using Electronic Furnace Filters

Instead of using those cheap throwaway fiberglass furnace filters, you can use electronic furnace filters to improve the quality of air within your home. Not only do electronic furnace filters do a better job of cleaning the air within your home, they also help the environment by cutting down on waste. In order to keep your furnace working efficiently, it is necessary to replace cheap fiberglass furnace filters once a month. This adds up to a lot of unnecessary waste over the course of time. Electronic furnace filters are designed to be permanent, so you only need to purchase them one time. After that, instead of throwing the filter away every month, you simply remove the electronic furnace filter, wash it, and replace it. The brand you buy is of importance. Some of better quality and some are less. Honeywell furnace filters are a reliable brand that will ensure reliable filters.

The reason that electronic furnace air filters do such a good job at cleaning the air within your home is that they are designed to be able to remove even very small particles from the air. Cheap fiberglass furnace filters were never really designed to clean the air you breathe, since their main purpose is protecting your furnace from dirt, not you. They only have the ability to trap approximately 10% to 40% of the dirt and airborne particles that pass through them, and can only remove the largest of particles. On the other hand, a furnace electronic air cleaner is able to remove approximately 88% of the airborne particles. These types of filters are also often called “electrostatic” filters, because they use static electricity to attract and hold the dirt and debris. An electronic furnace filter is also much more effective at controlling other types of pollutants in the air that can cause breathing problems and respiratory irritation, such as mold, pollen, and even bacteria and viruses.

There are many different brands and models of electronic furnace air filters on the market. Many people prefer to stick with a high quality and well-known brand, such as Honeywell electronic furnace filters. Even if you are currently using inferior throwaway furnace filters in your furnace, you should be able to find an electronic furnace filter that will fit your furnace and the needs of your family.

It is important to remember that even though you are using a high quality electronic furnace air filter in your heating system, you still need to clean the filter approximately once a month, to keep your furnace operating at peak performance. If your furnace filter becomes dirty and you do not change it, your home’s air quality will suffer, as will the energy efficiency of your furnace.