Why Choose an Electric Fireplace Insert

Why choose an electric fireplace insert? There are a number of reasons. The inserts are an alternative to gas and wood burning fireplaces. They save homeowners large amounts on their heating bills annually. These inserts are elegant, inexpensive, and are extremely cost effective in an economy that is pinching every penny.

As an alternative to gas and wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts are the only way to go. They can be placed directly into almost any pre-existing fireplaces and are much cleaner than wood fireplaces. In addition, there is not the inconvenience of lighting pilot lights and smoldering ashes while trying to remember if all necessary tasks have been completed to avoid fire hazards. Electric inserts can simply be turned on or off.

Arrowflame models are very popular and maintain the romance and beauty of a wood burning fire. Duraflames are also a popular choice when you are looking for the “real thing” without the headaches. A dimplex electric fireplace inserts is another popular brand. The Classic Flame firebox is a winner with most homeowners as well; the simplicity of design makes them an up and coming competitor in this market area.

All listed companies offer a variety of BTU outputs and styles with many settings featuring resin cast logs for a realistic effect. All also offer a range of sizes and offer a five-year warranty on mechanical failures while still boasting seamless integration into existing fireplaces.

Why choose an electric fireplace insert? These inserts can add charm, elegance, and beauty to any home and romance to the life of any homeowner while saving time, energy and money. These are the perfect alternative for the homeowner who wants the perks of a traditional fireplace without the work that goes into maintaining one. Why would a homeowner choose any alternative fireplace other than one of these cost effective insert models?