Electric Baseboard Heaters in the Home

There are many advantages to having electric baseboard heaters in your home. Not only are they quiet, but they make it easy to vary the temperature of your home on a room-to-room basis. Electric baseboard heaters can be retrofitted into homes that originally had a different type of heating system, such as boiler heat, without the need for adding duct work to the home. While traditional boiler heating systems must be connected to the home plumbing system, because they heat and circulate hot water throughout the house, hydronic electric baseboard heaters do not need to be connected in this fashion. An electric hydronic baseboard heater has both the heating element and the liquid sealed within the heater, which makes them more convenient and easier to use.

While some homes have an electric baseboard heater element in every room of the house, there are other ways to use them in conjunction with a different type of heating system. You might have forced air heat, but require additional heat in some rooms of the house, such as the bathroom. It is easy to add auxiliary heat to a room by adding an electric baseboard heater. In fact, a portable electric baseboard heater might be just the answer for this situation. Although many people like the old fashioned warmth of a fireplace and choose ventless gas fireplaces when they don’t have a real fireplace in their home, others have switched to electric baseboard heaters due to ventless gas fireplace safety concerns.

If you are considering adding electric baseboard heaters to your home, you will want to save energy by making sure you are running them in the most efficient manner possible. There are special automated thermostats that are designed to work with baseboard heaters. While installing these thermostats is not a job for the average do-it-yourselfer, they can definite help regulate electric baseboard heaters efficiently. If this is not an option because you are renting your home, another energy efficient heating option is electric halogen heaters which don’t require any installation whatsoever. You will want to make sure not to block the baseboard heaters with furniture, so that the airflow is not restricted in any way. You can also help keep the heaters working efficiently by keeping them clean from debris.

Another advantage of electric baseboard heaters is the ability to turn down the heat in rooms that are seldom used, to save money and electricity. While turning the heat down too low is not recommended, since it can because cold drafts in the home, you can certainly turn the temperature down lower than in the rest of the house. You can also adjust the level of heat within individual rooms, which makes it easy to accommodate different heating preferences. Electric baseboard heaters are able to quickly raise the temperature within an individual room, while the rest of the house stays at the normal temperature. There are several brands you can consider. Cadet baseboard heaters are an example of a reliable system that is not expensive to install.