High Quality Ebac Dehumidifier

If you were looking for a high quality dehumidifier with years of experience behind it, a good choice would be an Ebac dehumidifier. Ebac has been a leader in dehumidifier technology, and designs humidifiers to work effectively even in very damp climates. They are one of the most efficient dehumidifiers on the market, and are able to effectively dehumidify large areas, such as several room-sized areas at the same time. Ebac dehumidifiers are a serious solution for moisture problems, and are up for the task of not only very damp basements, but also commercial applications, indoor swimming pool areas, and can even be used to help remove the moisture due to flooding conditions. If you have the need to remove humidity even under very cold conditions, the “hot gas defrost” option will be extremely useful, as it allows the dehumidifier to operate even at near-freezing temperatures.

Ebac makes a full line of dehumidifiers, both for the home as well as for industrial uses. The Ebac Triton dehumidifier is ideal for either residential or commercial use. It can effectively dehumidify several rooms at the same time, yet is small enough to be handled by a single person. The Ebac Triton dehumidifier is economically priced, and is rugged enough to be used in commercial applications. It is able to operate in temperatures as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit, and can remove up to 12 gallons of water a day from the air. It is a real workhorse, with a heavy-duty steel chassis, rugged wheels, and a collapsible handle to allow for easy transportation.

The Ebac CD35 dehumidifier is a portable yet rugged dehumidifier, capable of removing up to 6 gallons of water a day from the air. This dehumidifier is equally at home in an industry shop, computer center, locker room, basement, or garage. It includes a sturdy carrying handle and wheels for easy transportation, and includes a tank capable of holding 1-1/2 gallons of water, or the capability of providing continual drainage. The fan is quiet, and it has a sturdy heavy-duty steel chassis.

Another reliable Ebac dehumidifier is the Ebac CD30 dehumidifier. This portable dehumidifier can be used to transport between rooms or job sites, or can be installed permanently on location. It is capable of removing up to 4 gallons of water a day from the air. It includes an extra long power cord, and a heavy gauge steel case, and includes an adjustable humidistat. There is a convenient drain point, which can be used with a hose attachment.