Donaldson Filter Cross Reference – Comparing Filters

Donaldson is an international company that specializes in filtration systems and replacement parts. They also offer top quality filters, mufflers and exhaust components. Donaldson, established in 1915, is among the most highly regarded companies whose area of expertise concerns the protection of engines and vehicles. They offer a variety of filtration devices for industrial compressors, heavy vehicles and other off-road transportation devices. The company manufactures air, coolant, fuel, lube, and hydraulic filtration media.

Cross referencing data is the process of comparing the specifications of products so that consumers will be given an idea on how these will perform. This is usually done on items with similar magnitude. Comparisons can be done between products under the same brand or between different brands. It is the job of consumers to cross reference or check the specs of items, such as a filter. By cross referencing the items that perform the same tasks which may differ in model or maker, consumers will be able to better assess if their preferred tools are compatible with other parts or other applications. It will also avoid undue damage to heavy and fairly expensive equipment since a filter that may not perfectly fit a certain machine will easily damage or hasten the wear and tear of the whole system.

Many companies offer filter cross reference search services, such as Donaldson. It is quite simple to use the system. One will just have to put in the Donaldson filters item number and click search. A table will appear containing the following information: Search Term, Manufacture Item Number, Manufacture Name, DCI (Donaldson Company, Inc.) Item Number, Description, and Notes, if applicable. Consumers can readily evaluate 3 to more than 8 items. Cross referencing can be done with most brands, such as AMSOIL, Wix, Cummins, Fram filters, and many others. In some cases, consumers will also be asked to tick or indicate a filter’s application type to enhance the accuracy of Wix filter cross reference results. For instance, buyers will be asked to indicate if filters will be used for light vehicles (cars, light trucks) or heavy duty equipment. In other cross referencing sites, like Baldwin filters cross reference, once the search result items appear, you can click on a certain item and this will show you more information about a particular product. Pictures or images of a certain filter will come into sight, as well as other helpful facts, like thread and dimension size, filter fits and engine specifications, as well as the item numbers of replacement parts.