Donaldon Filters: Evaluating the Newest Spider Web Filter Media

Donaldson is a name known around the world for providing superior and varied types of filtration systems which the company has been manufacturing for more than 30 years. This international group has provided innovative Donaldson filter media that are among the first of their kind in the industry. One of which is the Spider Web filter media.

The Spider Web Filter Media
The Spider Web filter media offers a new line of technologically advanced filters that are twice as long lasting compared with commodity filters. The latter types experience immediate rise in pressure drop which is why they are prone to faster wear and tear and quicker decrease of power output. Moreover, when pressure drop continues to increase, turbines will lose more or less 1% of output. These circumstances all translate to higher maintenance costs.

With the Spider Web Donaldson filtration media, engine turbines are better protected because these latest filters are highly efficient. These types also help in lowering pressure drop; and so, these have longer lifespan than commodity filter. This is a filter media that can catch dust particles that are microscopic in size. The innovative Spider Web is created with the use of elastic fiber that are about 0.2-0.3 microns in size using an electrospinning procedure.

If you use the online Donaldson filters cross reference explorer, you will find that the Spider Web filter is used with the PowerCore filter packs. The media type is classified by Donaldson filtration solutions as Ultra-Web that can withstand temperatures of up to 150°F or 65°C. The frame is galvanized steel with a filter area of 27.9 square meters.

Here is a more comprehensive comparison amongst different types of Spider Web Donaldson filters, including other kinds of cartridge filters.

There are currently three types of filtering media using Spider Web technology. These are: Synthetic Spider Web XP, Synthetic Spider Web, and Duratek Spider Web, with MERV ratings of 14, 13, and 13, respectively. The D-Salt filtering cartridge has a MERV rating of 16, while other kinds have lower MERV ratings than filtration media with Spider Web design. These are Synthetic (MERV-12), Duratek – blended (MERV-11), and Cellulose (MERV-11). Still, all of these filtration media have considerably high performance as evidenced by MERV ratings greater than 10. Therefore, when it comes to efficiency, Spider Web filters are topped by only one brand, and that is D-Salt. This demonstrates that Spider Web filters truly maximize filtration and optimize the efficiency of turbine engines while prolonging filter life and lowering pressure drop.