Choosing a Danby Dehumidifier

If you are currently shopping for a home dehumidifier, a Danby dehumidifier might be the perfect choice. Danby produces a number of different models for home use which are both durable and reliable. Most people, when shopping for a home dehumidifier, want one with a good sized water tank, to reduce the need to empty the tank on a daily basis. Danby makes several models of 58 pint and 60 pint dehumidifiers which are perfect for home or basement dehumidifying needs.

One Danby model which is extremely popular among homeowners is the Danby DDR606 60 pint dehumidifier. The 60 pint tank is bigger than many other standard home dehumidifier models, reducing the need to empty the tank every day. It is a good choice for basements and other humid areas. Compared to many other dehumidifier models, it runs relatively quietly, and is Energy Star rated, so it is also economical to operate. It includes wheels, making it easy to move between areas, and includes a direct drain feature. When using the water tank, the easy to read full indicator makes it easy to know when it needs to be emptied. It includes an air filter, which can be removed and cleaned, and a 2-speed fan, with adjustable humidity settings.

Replacing the Danby Dehumidifier DDR606 in 2009 is the Danby DDR6009REE Dehumidifier. This is also a large 60 pint dehumidifier with many of the same features as the previous model. This model is environmentally friendly, since it utilizes a non-ozone depleting refrigerant, which also makes it energy efficient. It has auto-restart capabilities, so that it will be operational even after a power outage, and includes water overflow protection. It can operate in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the perfect size for a medium basement, and provides worry-free operation.

Danby dehumidifiers come in other models in addition to these 60 pint models, including a Danby 58 pint dehumidifier. The Danby Silhouette DDR583R dehumidifier is an attractive model, perfect for the home or basement. It offers similar features to the 60 pint models, but in a more stylish and slightly smaller size.

Of course, there are other Danby dehumidifier models available besides the ones featured above. Depending on your specific needs, there are also 25 pint, 30 pint, 40 pint and even 70 pint models available. These dehumidifiers are each designed to cover a recommended amount of square foot area, and of course vary in the amount of moisture they can pull from the air within 24 hours, and the size of their water tanks.