Comparing the Price of Heat Pumps

There are many options to cooling your house, and the Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump is only one of the many options that are out there.  For an efficient machine that is still good for the environment, the Goodman heat pump is one of the best, even having a specialized top for noise reduction. From the 16 SEER series of units, this energy-saving device saves 7-8% more on heating and cooling bills than the 15 SEER model, and this year even comes with a $300 tax credit to encourage environmentally friendly devices.  The benefits must be considered carefully, even as one searches for the most affordable prices.

If a factory tested, quietly running pump is what is required; the Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump is good to work with.  With a high-quality sound blanket, the SSZ16 is a machine that is ready to regulate the internal house temperatures.  If it’s bought from the factory website, the machine comes with a lifetime compressor limited warranty that makes the prices more than reasonable.  If the device breaks down, a new one can be shipped to the household.  Using an environmentally friendly refrigerant like R410A, the SSZ16 operates just like a central air conditioner.

Heat pump prices vary from store to store, but a few stores stick out.  On, the compressor costs $2,960, with a 5-year parts warranty.  Express Overstock has the unit available for $3,353, with free shipping.  Ac’s units cost $3,728 and have a price-match guarantee so they can stay competitive with other stores.  This website also has a lifetime limited warranty as long as the device is registered online within 60 days.

There are many types of heat pumps, but the SSZ16 pump is a secure option to ensure that a family will not go without heat or air conditioning, at least not for very long.  At in the grand scheme of heat pump prices it is a square deal.