A Combi Boiler Compared to a Conventional Water Heater

Many people choose to install a Combi boiler in their home rather than a conventional water heater. This may be because of space requirements or it may just be due to a need to create a more energy efficient water heater. A combi boiler is short for combination boiler and it is, at its simplest explanation, a way to heat the water in your home as needed, rather than the conventional way that a traditional water heater does it. Combi boilers are also perfect for small dwellings such as apartments or condominiums where the presence of a water heater may require remodeling in order to make the space for the appliance.

A conventional water heater works by storing hot water in the tank, where it is stored at a certain temperature, set by the homeowner, where it can be piped into the various fixtures throughout the home. Then, the hot water is mixed with cold water to create the temperature that is desired, since most require a different temperature for bathing, showers and washing dishes, and some appliances, especially dishwashers require water at high temperatures to do their job. A combi boiler works differently.

Combi boilers work by heating the water as needed, usually powered by gas or oil. The combi boiler has an additional heating unit and therefore does not need a cylinder for storing the hot water. The water mains may be connected directly to the combi boiler and as long as the unit is active then unlimited hot water can be taken from the unit. Certain types of combi boilers are classified as condensing combi boilers, which recycle the heat from the exhaust gases whereas normally the heat in the exhaust gases in vented into the atmosphere.

One popular brand of combi boiler, and especially condensing combi boilers is the Baxi combi boiler. However, other brands are available such as Potterton, Ideal, Ariston, Keston and many others. Normally, a regular combi boiler will range from around $1000 to upwards of $3000, while a condensing combi boiler will be generally the same price, if only a few hundred dollars more for a comparable model. If you are thinking about a more energy efficient way to heat your hot water, or if you never seem to have enough hot water, a combi boiler may be exactly what you need.