Combi Boiler: The Hot Water Miracle

If you are going to rent or purchase a new house, one of the things to take into consideration is the heating system.  If you live in a cold climate, it is vital to make sure that your house will be kept nice and warm through the winter.  You should research and become informed about the best energy saving possibilities and decide whether you will be using electricity, petrol, natural gas, propane, solar energy or another alternative energy, according to your financial situation.

Traditional heating systems

In the XX and XXI centuries, many houses and buildings installed gas central heating systems. This   consisted of boilers –or gas burners–, that heated the water and stored it in a tank or copper cylinder, to be later channeled through the pipes in order to heat up the different rooms.

In small houses that don´t have a central heating system, most people use their own portable electric or gas heaters, of which exist is an ample variety in the market place.

If you happen to live in the countryside or have access to free or inexpensive wood or logs, a fireplace could be the ideal heating system for you. It is romantic –for couples– to spend time together sipping wine sitting on a comfy sofa, watching the flames dance.  It is comforting to walk in the house from a cold outdoors and warm up in front of your fireplace. It inspires many children and teenagers to have a slumber party, roast some marsh mellow and sleep on the carpet with their sleeping bags, under the oversight of a close by adult.

In the olden days, the traditional kitchen iron stove, would be used for the double purpose of cooking and warming up the kitchen.   Logs were conveniently stored during the summer to be ready to use during the cold months.   Women, old and young would sit by the stove chatting as they did their household tasks or took care of small children, using a small fan to keep the fires burning.

The combi boiler revolution

Nowadays 70% of households in Europe have at least one combi boiler installed.

A combi boiler is a water heater that does not need a big bulky water storage tank. It feeds from the mains water supply and instantly heats it.   Not having a big water tank in the loft, basement or kitchen, saves a lot of space.  The combi boiler comes in different models and sizes and can nicely blend with the cabinets in your kitchen.  Combination boilers are very efficient and economical and save both money and energy, and are a good choice to consider, as they heat your house and provide instant hot water on demand