Coleman Furnace: Troubleshooting Tips

Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning offers an extensive product range of heating and cooling devices for residences. They continue to produce highly energy efficient and durable equipment for homeowners. But no matter how durable a machine is its parts will experience normal wear and tear. People who are having trouble with their Coleman furnaces can first check if they can solve the problem on their own before they seek out the services of a qualified technician.

Pilot Light Problem
Many consumers have complained of their furnaces’ pilot lights not staying lit. When you experience these sorts of Coleman furnace problems, check the thermocouple. The thermocouple serves as the link between the pilot light and the furnace. It is heated up by the pilot light, and once it senses heat, it will send an electrical signal to the furnace so that it will keep the gas valves open. If you need to purchase a thermocouple, you won’t need an exact part number for this. You can get this from any hardware store for about $10 and it is also fairly simple to install on your own.

Thermostat Problem
Thermostats don’t always provide 100% correct temperature readings. To check for discrepancies in the way your thermostat is calibrated, get a glass thermometer and put it a few inches beside your thermostat. If the readings are dissimilar, here are some Coleman furnace troubleshooting tips for this situation:
– Check the shell of your thermostat. Holes and other cracks will let in air that may affect the temperature reading of your thermostat.
– Dirt or dust will also affect how your thermostat reads temperatures. You can open the face place of your thermostat and clean it or blow away any foreign or dust particles, if needed.

Filter Problem
When filters are clogged, the heating device will not be able to blow out sufficient heat. With regular filter cleaning and maintenance, this problem can be easily avoided. To clean the filters, just remove it from the device and wash it with warm soap and water. Thoroughly rinse the filter and let it dry completely before returning it inside the device.

These are only three of the most common problems that people have cited on Coleman furnace reviews. Homeowners can readily address these issues on their own. Also, if new Coleman furnace parts are needed, there are various online merchants that carry the brand and supply parts. Price for parts will vary according to the model and type of device.