Care and Maintenance of Coleman Furnace Parts

There are two kinds of Coleman furnaces – the gas and oil types. You can have your Coleman gas furnace parts cleaned every other year. But oil furnaces should be cleaned more often. It is better that you schedule general maintenance for oil furnaces once a year, particularly just before the winter season begins so that you won’t have to get stressed about looking for Coleman furnace parts dealers in the middle of winter.

When a furnace is turned on, dust and other foreign particles easily enter the device. Dust should be cleaned off of main Coleman gas furnace parts, such as the Coleman furnace filters and blowers.

Cleaning the Filter
Filters work by sieving dust particles from the air and this is why when filters are continuously used, these should be regularly cleaned. During the winter months when furnaces are used all the time, it is recommended that furnace filters be cleaned at least once a month. One way of checking if a filter will already need cleaning is to hold it up to the light. If the surface area seems to be clogged or packed with dust and dirt, it is time to clean it. Moreover, if you notice that your furnace isn’t producing the amount of warm air that it is supposed to, this may be due to clogged filters that block air supply.

The first step in cleaning a filter is to remove this from the furnace. Before removal, make sure that the furnace is turned off and that it has been allowed to cool before its filters are removed. Rinse the filter in a tub of water or use a hose to spray it. Let it dry completely before putting it back in the furnace.

Cleaning Burners and Heat Exchangers
Have a screwdriver ready and use this to unlock the burner and firebox case. Underneath the firebox are the burners. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean off dust and dirt from the component. The heat exchangers are also inside the firebox, on the upper section. There are three ways to clean the heat exchangers. First, use the vacuum to remove most of the dust and ash. Second, use a brush to clean off foreign particles or soot that’s still attached on the heat exchangers. Third, get a damp cloth and wipe in between the heat exchanger coils to remove remaining dirt or soot.

Cleaning Blowers
Open the blower service panel and use a vacuum to take away dust. Make sure to aim your vacuum on and around the blower fan’s blades. Then wipe these blades with a damp washcloth. Here, you can also lubricate the axle before refastening the panel. Check the fan’s axle and place about two drops of lubricant, like SAE-10 oil.

These are only a few tips on how to maintain your Coleman furnace parts to avoid undue stress and deterioration on costly heating equipment.