Using a Closet Dehumidifier

If you have closets or other types of small enclosed spaces that have a tendency to get too humid, a closet dehumidifier can help. These types of small dehumidifiers come in a variety of different types, and are designed with small spaces such as closets, under sink areas, and lockers in mind. By helping to keep the moisture out of the air in these small spaces, they work to keep the things you store in your closet from getting damp or musty. This can help to create valuable storage space that you would not normally be able to fully utilize, because of the risk of moisture damage. Keeping your closet area free from moisture helps to prevent mustiness in clothing items. It also helps to prevent metal objects from rusting, and is very important if you store papers or other types of documents within a closet.

Many brands of closet dehumidifiers work on the principle of absorbing moisture by means of specially designed drying crystals, usually in the form of crystallized silica gel. Silica gel is odorless and non-toxic, and is not only safe but also very effective when used as a dehumidifier for closet areas. By attracting and trapping the moisture in the air, these silica crystal protect your clothing and other items that are stored in the closet from becoming damp or musty. The silica gel is enclosed in the dehumidifier container, and is simply placed in the closet, and does not require any type of special installation. In most cases, after the silica gel becomes saturated with moisture, it can be recharged by drying it out, so that you can continue to re-use the closet dehumidifier, making them extremely economical.

The Keep It Dry closet dehumidifier is one example of a dehumidifier which utilizes drying crystals. It is quite effective at removing moisture from the air in closets, as well as other small enclosed spaces. It is fragrance-free, so it will not impart any scent on your clothing, and the dehumidifier container protects against spilling the crystals. This closet dehumidifier is very reasonably priced, and yet still effective at keeping your closet dry.

There are also other types of closet dehumidifiers which do not work on the principle of drying crystals. These are basically very small dehumidifiers, which use a small fan and low heat to keep closets and other small closed areas free from dampness, mold and mildew. They are small and energy efficient, and do not require any type of complicated installation.