Choosing a Space Heater Correctly Can Save You Money

With heating bills on the rise, choosing a space heater that is energy efficient can help you combat your winter dollar blues.  There are a few different types of space heaters available and many old designs have been retooled for ultimate heating and lower energy costs. 

Propane heaters have been around for many years.  Propane gas is commonly used in many homes as heating gas.  Portable propane heaters that are used as outdoor heating commercially are not safe for use indoors.  Users of propane space heaters need to make sure the units they are using are indoor safe.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning associated with propane radiant heaters resulting in death is a danger in the industry.  Outdoor activities such as ice fishing and camping that use a propane heating units in an unventilated area can result in death. Always check your unit or call manufacturer for indoor use. 
Energy efficient electric heaters are great sources for additional heating in small spaces.  Radiant heaters with a fan to better circulate the air can also be very helpful.  Garage space heaters are a good choice if you work in your garage and need to keep it warm. These electric garage heaters are a simple choose as compared to other heating systems that are complicated to install. Asking to hear a heater in operation before you buy it is a good idea.  Sometimes portable electric space heaters can look great, have all the requirements you are looking for and you get it home and the fan is really loud.  Reading customer reviews about a heater may help avoid this problem.  There is many customer reviews available online by searching type and model you can get this information.

Oil filled radiant heaters offer the quietest of all operations but many times only heat a small area.  Many of these models have redesigned their heaters with fans to disburse the heat more effectively throughout the room.  As with all heaters, unplugging when not in operation and keeping children and animals away from the heater is essential to safety.

In a time when everyone is looking for financial savings in one way or another, keeping your utility bills at a minimum and using a portable heater can be effective.  Choosing a space heater wisely can keep you and your family a little warmer in the family room and still reduce your overall energy consumption in the winter.