Choosing a Compact Dehumidifier

If you have smaller areas within your home that are too damp, a compact dehumidifier is the perfect answer. These smaller  dehumidifiers are specially suited to the needs of small areas. Compact dehumidifiers can be placed in areas such as under the  sink, in closets, or small bedrooms, and are the perfect solution to keeping the air dry, and preventing the formation of mold and  mildew. Small areas such as closets and under the sink often become too damp, which produces musty odors, and can even  cause structural damage from the accumulated moisture. A closet dehumidifier can save your clothes from becoming ruined.

If you are shopping for a compact dehumidifier, you will find that they come in a variety of models and types. You can choose  compact dehumidifiers that have small tanks and fans, which work in a similar fashion to larger dehumidifiers. These types of  dehumidifiers use much less electricity to operate than a larger dehumidifier, and are perfect for the needs of a small space. You  can also choose from compact dehumidifiers that work on the principle of drying crystals. This type of dehumidifier does not use  electricity or batteries to remove the moisture from the air, and instead use “drying crystals” such as crystallized silica gel to absorb  the extra humidity in the air. When the drying crystals become saturated, they change color from blue to pink, and you simply dry the  unit out so that you can reuse it. These can be a good solution for areas where you would prefer not to have a dehumidifier that uses  electricity, and would like to avoid moving parts. Of course, this style of dehumidifier is also completely silent when it operates.

The Amcor compact dehumidifier is a good example of the type that uses a small tank. It includes a one pint tank, as well as a motor  and 12 VDC adaptor. It is perfectly suited for small areas, and operates quietly, without the need for refrigeration or compression. It  can be an excellent choice for small areas.

The Windchaser compact dehumidifier uses a thermoelectric peltier to remove the moisture from the air, which causes the  moisture to condense into water. It uses very little electricity, and operates very efficiently and economically. It includes a 2.11 pint  water tank, and is small in size, making it perfect for small areas.
You will find that a compact dehumidifier can make a huge difference in the humidity levels for small problem areas within your  home, and they are an excellent choice for many uses.