Choosing A Bathroom Ceiling Heater

If you live in North America or Europe, chances are you’ve had experience with cold bathrooms on winter mornings, that wake you up a whole lot faster than you would like. The tricky thing about bathrooms is that they are constantly under siege from sources of water and dampness that threaten to lead to unsightly mildew and mold.

In an effort to combat water on bathroom surfaces most homeowners have a vent to promote air circulation throughout the room. If the air is being delivered from freezing or even moderately cold temperatures outside, the issue of staying comfortable looms large. Bathroom ceiling heaters are a necessity for just this reason.

While you could simply leave the bathroom door open and turn up the heat in the entire house, this seems wasteful, especially as you and your family are most likely about to head off to work or school for the day. Another option would be to get a space heater, but there are at least two reasons why they are poor solutions: they pose safety risks in the event you overturn them, and certainly there is the risk of people or pets brushing up against these low appliances and burning themselves.

Your bathroom ceiling heater is by definition out of the way from early morning stumbles, so it is certainly safer, but in addition to that realize that their heating capacity actually fits the room in which they are installed. There is no overkill as to creating more heat than you need (and paying for it), and most ceiling heaters of this kind can be simply switched off when one leaves the bathroom.

There is no end to the selection of heaters for your bathroom, and a good place to start your search is your local do-it-yourself store or mega-retailer. Remember that this isn’t money that you’re spending on a discretionary item that will depreciate: it is actually an investment in your home. In addition to being an additional feature to complement your bathroom, your bathroom ceiling heater should serve to keep tiles and floor covering and carpeting in better shape than if you don’t have one installed.