Choosing a 75 Gallon Water Heater For Your Home

If you are getting ready to replace your existing hot water heater, a good option to consider is a 75 gallon water heater. These are becoming increasingly popular for homes, especially since multiple bathrooms and spa whirlpool tubs are more common than they were in the past. Larger tubs and luxury showers require more hot water, and a 75 gallon hot water heater is definitely up to the task of providing it. While smaller hot water heaters may have been sufficient in the past, more families are discovering the luxury of not having to worry about running out of hot water. The size of your family is also another determining factor for choosing the size of your water heater. If you have, five or more people in your household, chances are you will need a 75 gallon hot water heater to keep up with the demand for hot water.

If you are shopping for a 75 gallon hot water heater, you will want to pay attention to the GPH rating. GPH stands for “gallons per hour”, and is the rating used to compare hot water heaters. By using this rating, you can tell how many gallons of hot water the water heater can produce within one hour. A high GPH rating indicates a higher quality and more efficient water heater. However, as a rule, the higher the GPH rating, the higher the price of the water heater. You want to give some careful thought to your family’s hot water needs, and find a good balance between your budget and hot water heater efficiency. 75 gallon water heater prices are higher than that of smaller sized hot water heaters, but they are efficient and can adequately supply enough hot water for an entire household.

75 gallon water heaters are a high quality device, and are generally rust proofed. In fact, if the model you are looking at is not rust proofed, you should consider a different model. Many people prefer a natural gas water heater because they operate so efficiently. However, there are electric models available as well to choose from.

When choosing your 75 gallon hot water heater, make sure to pay attention to the warranty that is provided. Hot water heaters are generally very dependable devices, but you should always make sure that the one you choose has a good warranty, just to be on the safe side. A high quality 75 gallon hot water heater usually comes with an equally good warranty, and will be built to last.