Checking The Insulation of Your Home

Good insulation is essential for efficient heating of your home.

The best heating system won’t work too well if the heat is creeping outside. There are many reasons to reduce your energy consumption. Ecological concerns like global warming and a shortage of resources are a reason for some. Others are more attracted by the saving potential of reducing their energy consumption.

Checking the Insulation

The easiest way to check the current insulation of your home is the use of a thermal imaging or thermographic camera.

It is recommend to get the help of an expert for a professional assessment of your home with such a device. Thermographic cameras make temperature differences visible and can show you where your house looses heat. Yellow and red colors indicate warm spots and should be evaluated in terms of insulation potential.


Especially in old houses, the walls might not be well insulated.

While the implementation of a more efficient insulation on the walls might be complicated and expensive, it definitely can pay off in the long run. If you buy or build a new house, you should absolutely examine the insulation and make sure that you don’t pay too much if the insulation is poor because the heating costs can add up pretty quickly.

Roof and Basement

The roof and in many cases the basement make up a big part of every home’s contact to the surrounding.

Both can be insulated from inside after the house is built. The inner installation of blanket insulators is pretty easy and can have a high impact on the insulation of your home.


Windows are one of the main heat leaks in every home.

Make sure that your whole house is equipped with modern, double-glassed windows to maximize the insulation. The seals should be in perfect condition, and you should maintain them properly with special liquids to keep them smooth.

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