Central Heating Radiator System Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are aware that central heating radiator systems can save them money but they do not understand the variables making central heating radiators more efficient then other radiator types. What follows are some frequently asked questions and answers about how central heating radiator systems can save you the most amount of money possible.

How do my central heating radiators save me money?

Central heating radiators save money because they simply produce more heat than other radiator types using the same amount of energy. If you buy a concentrated floor cleaner that is the same price as your regular cleaner but will last longer than your brand, you save by getting more for your money. This is the same principal by which central heating radiators save you money.

Can I do anything to further increase my savings?

Even a good system can be improved upon and made better. To further save on energy bills, you may need to add more radiators to the central heating system in your home. This may seem illogical but there is a reasonable explanation. Many domestic boilers are overly efficient for the central heating system they control. This means they are too strong for the amount of radiators in the central heating system and constantly waste energy by trying to reheat already hot water. If your home has the right amount of radiators to match the energy output of your boiler then the boiler water will cycle through the whole system and the water that is returned back to the boiler should be cold. Your boiler will then be heating water with less frequency and the water will be cold and not hot, cutting back on your boiler’s previous wasteful expenditure of energy.

I’ve heard that balancing my central radiator system can help. What does that mean?

Balancing your central radiator system is the process by which you regulate the distribution of hot water evenly to all radiators in the system. Balancing is necessary since the pipe system connecting your boiler to all your radiators creates a system where the radiators closest to the boiler gets more hot water than other radiators. Balancing the system using locksheid valves and thermostats on the pipes are ways to balance the radiators and increase the central heating system’s efficiency so that you will save money in the process.